Sodbuster Days Fiddle Contest, 2004
Anna Walvatne and Gail Johnson
Anna Walvatne
Award ceremony
Award ceremony again
Charlie and Dane Kreidelcamp
Charlie Kreidelcamp
Colleen Larson and Hubert
Colleen Larson and Hubert again
Dave Arneson and Gail Johnson
Dave Arneson
Felt making
Grace and Jim Haining
Jadan Sorenson
Jadan Sorenson again
Judges and Crowd
Judges entertain
Judges introduced
Judges perform
Kaye Werre
Lea Coyle and Gail Johnson
Margaret Elm and Accompaniest
Margaret Elm
Mary and Dane Kreidelcamp
Mary Kreidelcamp
More Seed Spitting
More anticipation
More felt making
Orville Kalvik and Gail Johnson
Orville Kalvik
Pratik Harikrishnen and Gail Johnson
Ruth and Jim Haining
Ruth Haining
Sadie Sorenson and Hubert
Sadie Sorenson and Hubert again
Seed Spitting
Serene Coyle and Gail Johnson
Tater Pickin
Contest preperation
Horse plowing
Horse team
Jadan and Sherlene Sorenson
More aftermath
Sadie Sorenson

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